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We were blessed when we were able to come out here to Arkansas in 2005.  We were looking for some place quiet
where we could do more wood work but hadn't thought of moving this far to the east.  The idea to move here came
when one of my sisters decided to transfer out here.  We had been to Arkansas before and liked it, so we decided to
make this move.

I like my husbands furniture.  You might think I'm prejudice because he's my husband.  I have to admit, I'm not.  He
keeps the plans in his head and works from there when he gets an idea for something new.  He is always looking to
make something new and different.

We have not limited ourselves to only being able to make one or two items in a few different sizes.  We want to be
able to make a variety of furniture.

Our goal is to create a one of a kind piece of furniture.  Create special order pieces for others.  We want your custom
furniture to give you years of enjoyment, handed down for generations and given as special gifts.  Why own one out
of a million when you can have the only one?  

We do what we can to keep the prices reasonable.  We don't cut corners on materials or workmanship.

We love mixing woods, grains, tones, and textures; the combinations are endless; the design possibilities are endless
too.  We look forward to helping you get a piece of furniture that you will be proud of.

The name of our shop is my fault.  That goes for our logo too.  When you paint your home barn red with white trim
(the shop too) and you hear the saw going all day, and you've already mounted a saw on top of the mailbox....Well,
you get the idea.  It is a good fit for us.

We hope to hear from you or see you soon!

Celine Schomer

John 3:16
Made from start to finish at
The Saw Barn Wood Shop.
Located at:
London, Arkansas 72847

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Custom Handcrafted Solid Aromatic Red
Cedar Chest of Drawers
6' tall x 48" wide x 24" deep
Heavy duty ball bearing drawer glides
and Cup handles
Natural Urethane Finish
This custom chest of drawers was
ordered in this size. At six feet tall and
five deep drawers you can store quite a
large amount of clothing, quilts,
sweaters, etc.   We threw in the step
stool for free, just in case someone else
needed access to the top drawer.

We now have Oak reclaimed barn wood.

Barn Wood furniture is a beautiful addition to any

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Crafted Barn Wood Furniture.

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