Shipping/Freight Information
We have done our best to get and keep freight, shipping, and packing costs as low as we can.  We don’t
want your custom furniture to arrive damaged and we don’t want shipping or freight costs to keep you
from having the special piece of custom furniture that you want.  

To receive a freight or shipping estimate
You may call us or use the link next to a ready made product to go to the quick shipping quote request
form.  Custom furniture order customers are given a freight/shipping estimate at the same time as the
custom furniture estimate.

To help keep costs down we have done several things.

We have set contracts with several companies in order to get better rates.  
We pack and crate each piece of furniture ourselves.  We recycle packing material and hope that you will
recycle yours when you receive your custom furniture.  We only use recycled packing material if it meets
our standards and meets the freight companies packing requirements.

Small items and some small cedar chests are safe to ship by UPS Ground.  Larger pieces are shipped LTL

Freight estimates based on standard ground, residential, curbside delivery.  If you need inside delivery or
lift gate please let us know.  Inside delivery requires lift gate service.  Each company has their own fee for
each of these services.

Your final freight charge is on the actual shipping weight, not the highest estimated weight.  We know
from previous shipments what the weight range will most likely be and we estimate accordingly, your final
cost may be lower than the estimate.  Fuel surcharges fluctuate and this may raise or lower your
estimate a few dollars.

Lowering freight costs
One way to lower freight costs is to pick your furniture up at the shipping company’s service center,
instead of having residential delivery.  If you have a commercial address that you can ship to, this is also
less than residential delivery.

Customers that are close enough and want to make the scenic drive are more than welcome to pick up
their handcrafted furniture here at The Saw Barn Wood Shop; and many do.  We always enjoy meeting
our customers.

Shipping Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor wood furniture ships at a higher class than our other custom furniture and therefore the cost is
quite high for small orders.  If freight cost is not a concern, our outdoor furniture can be shipped LTL
freight.  However, I am not able to provide an accurate estimate for shipping outdoor patio furniture.

Shipping, Ordering, Payment, Purchasing Ready-Made Items and Our Privacy Policy

The Saw Barn Wood Shop
Our Furniture Products we make How to Contact Us Home Page
Our Furniture Products we make How to Contact Us Home Page
Our Furniture Products we make How to Contact Us Home Page
Ordering Custom Furniture-Contact us for a free no obligation estimate
Contact us by telephone or use the Contact Us form to send us your number to receive a call back to
discuss what you would like to have built for yourself or a loved one.  We can then give you an
estimated cost and go on to finalize your design and price.  This is not an  obligation for purchase.

Price is based on item, type of wood, size, hardware, trim and type of finish chosen.

e also personalize furniture.  Plaques and wood burning are popular choices.  

Cedar chest hinges and lid support standard.  Other hardware such as locks, handles, corner guards,
cedar tray, trim and coopered lid are extra.  Contact us for pricing or use the
Cedar Chest Price
Calculator for basic Cedar Chest prices and Hardware.

Purchasing Ready-Made Furniture
items will have a PayPal Buy Now button on their listing.  Follow the instructions and make your
purchase.  We will receive the notice that you have completed the purchase and will have it packed and
on it's way within 5 business days.  You will be notified and emailed information such as tracking numbers
when it ships.

Large items such as cedar chests that need to be shipped by ground or LTL freight have a link to a
request form so that you can easily get a
no obligation freight estimate by email.  You may also call us at
479-293-9988 to get your freight estimate faster.  Large item orders are payable through PayPal
Invoices.  (see payment information below)

To continue with your purchase of a large ready-made item call us at 479-293-9988.   

We will not continue a large item purchase until we speak with you.  We do this to protect
customers and verify shipping information.
Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Our Policy.

We DO NOT sell or give away names, addresses, email addresses or phone numbers of customers or
potential customers.  Period.

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

Richard & Celine Schomer


Privacy Policy
Payment Information
We accept cash and local checks with ID for on site purchases.  PayPal  invoices can be used as long as
you have an email address.  If you have email on your cell phone you can also pay for on site purchases
through PayPal.

Custom Orders
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit on all custom orders.  The balance is due in full when the
project is completed prior to taking it home.  
PayPal invoices can be use as long as you have an email

Custom Online Orders
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit on all custom online orders.   The balance plus freight is due
prior to shipping.
Deposit and balance is payable through
PayPal email Invoice.  You do not need a PayPal account to
be able to use this system, only an email address.
You will be sent an invoice for the deposit to be paid prior to our starting work on your project.  Read
your invoice carefully to make sure it is correct.  Notify me if anything is incorrect so that I may send you
a corrected invoice.  Click the PayNow button.  This takes you to PayPal's secure website where you can
pay the invoice.
When your project is complete I will call you and notify you by email.  You will be sent a separate invoice
for the balance plus freight due.  Follow the same procedure to pay the second invoice.  
The invoice will
not automatically be billed to a credit card or bank card.  You must make the payment.
Your item will be shipped as agreed unless we do not receive payment.

PayPal & PayPal Invoicing
PayPal accepts all major credit cards and bank cards.  Payments and PayPal email invoices are
processed  through PayPal's secure website.  
We do not receive your financial information. We will not
ask for your financial information.
For more information visit
Personal Customer Service - 479-293-9988
When you contact The Saw Barn Wood Shop you will be working with myself or Richard.  All
transactions are handled by the two of us.
You won't have to wonder what is going on with your project.  We will keep you informed and if at any
time you have questions we are here to answer them.
We look forward to serving you.
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