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1560 Georgetown Road
Located in London, AR 72847
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Custom orders are tailored to meet your needs.  We enjoy making new and different designs.  Have an
idea?  Give us a call.

You are always welcome to stop by, see what we do have on hand in person, and check our website
often.  Whether you need a chest to fit at the end of the bed or a gun cabinet or table for a small space
in a room
we are able to make any size you need. This applies to all of our furniture.  We can
accommodate you.  Call us or come by and tell us what you would like.  This is what we do!  
Schomers' Own  Outdoor Patio Furniture
Constructed with Aromatic Red Cedar and Hardwood
Dowels.  Finished in your choice of
High Gloss, Semi Gloss or Satin Marine Urethane
Unfinished -$25.00
Schomers' Style with contoured seat and back is the most
comfortable you will ever sit in.
Stop by and try one.
Schomers' Adirondacks Style Chairs, Rocking Chairs and Love Seats
Schomers' Own Patio Chairs,
Rocking Chairs and Love Seats
Adirondacks Style Rocking Chair
Adirondacks Style Chair
Schomers' Adirondacks Child's Chair
Miniature Dog Beds
15 3/4” L x 11 1/2” W x 3 1/4” D inside
19” L x 14 ½” W x 4” D outside
Includes 2” foam pad with Slip Cover*
Solid Cedar*
Small Dog Beds
22 ½” L x 15 ¾” W x 3 ¾” D inside
25 ½” L x 18 ¾” W x 4 ½” D outside
Includes 2” foam pad with Slip Cover*
Solid Cedar*
Medium Dog Beds
27 ½” L x 22” W x 4” D inside
29” L x 24” W x 4” D outside
Includes 2” foam pad with Slip Cover*
Solid Cedar*
Large Dog Beds
Apr. 36” L x 30” W x 5” D
Includes 2” foam pad with Slip Cover*
Solid Cedar*
Wood thickness Apr. ¾” unless otherwise specified
Poly Foam Pad
Non-Allergenic      Durable
Washable             Odorless
*100% Cotton Slip Cover standard
Order Your Best Friend A Bed Today!
Standard Styles Below
Want a Specific Style Contact Us
Standard Style Dog Bed
Aromatic Red
Cedar is used in all
of our cedar
Pine Hutch
Reclaimed Pine Hutch
Standing 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide this
hutch uses simple lines and the woods
natural imperfections to make it perfect.  
It was finished with Minwax Ipswitch Pine
stain and Old English Lemon Oil.
Bow Front 8 Rifle Gun
Cabinet with Drawer
Solid Oak Breakfast Bar with Stool Storage
Handcrafted Solid Cedar 7 Drawer Desk
Solid Oak Breakfast Bar
with Stool Storage
Coffee & End Table Set
Solid Cedar 7 Drawer
Pine & Cedar Vanity Set
Pine & Cedar Vanity Set
Solid Cedar Toy Box, Coopered Lid Cedar Chest, Cedar Hope Chest, Cedar Steamer Trunk, Cedar Hope Chest

Handcrafted Furniture
Hope chests, gun & rifle cabinets and chests,
trunks, tables, outdoor patio furniture,
television stands, dressers, hutches, headboards
and more!
What have you been dreaming of?
Custom size, design and personalization
always available.

Cedar Chests, also known as dowry chests, hope chests, blanket chests, or
memory chests, or storage chests.
Our Relief Cut design is our most popular.  
The smallest size chest we make is 24" long x 14" high x 14" deep.  
Straight Trim starts at 286.04
Other styles or your own design ideas can also be created.
Steamer Trunks, these have Coopered Lids, key spring locks, corner guards
and leather strap handles.  Larger sizes also have two catches.
Steamer Trunk hardware add +86.98 to coopered lid chest price
Coopered Lid chests    Many looks can be achieved with this style
Coopered lid chests start at 310.01 24" long x 14" high x 14" deep
Treasure Chests or Pirate Chests are usually a Coopered Lid chest, although
you could choose a Straight Trim flat top.  Treasure Chests are unique to each
person ordering them and customized to their specifications.  Rope handles are
standard.  Price varies but will usually fall in between a Coopered Lid Chest and a
Steamer Trunk.  We'll be better able to help you with design and price if you let
us know what you really want.  Call 479-293-9988
Gun Cabinets & Rifle Cabinets
Gun Cabinets & Rifle Cabinets, Solid or Glass Door
10-12 Rifle 78" tall x 32" wide x 12" deep
5 Rifle 60" tall x 20" wide x 12" deep          
Basic Rifle Cabinets starting at 400.00
Prices based on size and style.
Outdoor Arbors
Decorative Wells
Porch Swings
Outdoor tables
Outdoor Furniture
Schomers' Adirondacks Style Chairs, Rocking Chairs and Love Seats with
contoured seat and back
We can and do make these chairs in the size you want and need.
Starting at 129.99
Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom
Coffee & End Tables
Corner units/Entertainment units
Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture
Bedroom furniture
Breakfast bars
Table tops
Pet beds
Dog Gates
Dog Adirondacks Style Beds

Arkansas Handcrafted Furniture

Made from start to finish at
The Saw Barn Wood Shop.
1560 Georgetown Road
London, Arkansas 72847
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Made in America
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Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom
Pet Dog and Cat
Chest Trays  Start at 34.98 full length and  24.98 half length or 2 half length
36.98 for a 36" long x 20" deep chest.   See the
Cedar Chest Price Calculator
There are many choices of hinges, handles, locks, and catches.  Too many to list
here.  All chests have standard hinges and lid supports. Standard decorative or
cup handles are optional.
If you would like different hardware just let us know.  
Remember that all of our furniture can be customized to suit your needs.

Call us for more information on any of our custom furniture and for your
custom furniture no obligation estimate.

Call now for the Rifle
Cabinet you would like.

Keepsake Boxes and Memorial Boxes
Please call us at 479-293-9988

We now have Oak reclaimed
barn wood.

Barn Wood furniture is a
beautiful addition to any home.

Call Now to design and order
your special Hand Crafted
Barn Wood Furniture.

Don't wait.  Limited Supply on

Cedar Chests, Steamer Trunks and Treasure Chests

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