3 Piece Ladies Pine & Cedar Vanity Set with Drawer
Pine & Cedar Vanity Set
Oak & Cedar Vanity Set with Full Length Drawer
3 Piece Ladies Pine & Cedar Vanity
Set with Drawer
Natural Color with a High Gloss
Polyurethane Finish  
Table 45"Long x 24"Deep x 30" Tall
Mirror 36" Wide x 31" Tall
Ref #300109
This Pine and Cedar Vanity
Set is my personal
favorite..This one is my
own that my husband
made for me.
The natural stain really
brings out the tone in the
woods and a polyurethane
finish keeps it nice.  
The cutouts on the bench
seat make this really
Ref #401
This Vanity Set was made
with Oak and Cedar.  It
also has a lighter stain and
a polyurethane finish.  A
bit more modern in it's
design.   The offset use of
the oak and cedar on the
bench and table gives it a
really nice contrast. The
table has a full length
drawer built in.
Ref #402
These are some of my favorites.  Sadly, I don't
always get photos of all the different pieces of
furniture that Richard creates before they're sold.  
Contact Us if you'd like to have something special
made just for you.
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